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Information Security Policy

Macromill, Inc. (hereinafter, "Macromill") fully recognizes the importance of information security and believes that it is an important management issue of the business strategy to provide high quality services that can be trusted by customers and business partners by taking high-level precautions against the risk of information leakage.

Macromill shall establish the basic policy concerning information security in order to further strengthen information security and strives to maintain and construct an appropriate information management system by having the directors, employees, and other related parties comply with the policy and maintain high awareness of information security.

Information Security Basic Policy

Macromill shall comply with laws and regulations concerning information security, such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and regulations, such as guidelines set down by the government authorities and the industry association that Macromill belongs to and strives to practice appropriate information management.

Macromill shall establish internal rules based on the Information Security Basic Policy and clear and specific policies that all the directors and employees shall comply with.

Macromill shall appoint Information Security Officers who shall at all times be aware of the state of information security of Macromill and the revision status of related laws, regulations, and rules and who shall appropriately take the necessary precautions.

Macromill shall implement appropriate and reasonable information security measures for products and services that Macromill offers.

Macromill shall analyze and evaluate the risks related to information security and then implement appropriate and reasonable information security measures for the recognized risks.

Macromill shall provide in a systematic manner education and training on information security for directors and employees.

In the event of a problem concerning information security, Macromill shall quickly respond in order to achieve a resolution and strive to minimize the damage.

Macromill shall establish and appropriately operate an internal control system for information, and audit and verify its effectiveness.

Regarding encryption of information

Macromill uses a solid special encrypted communication technology called "SSL (Secure Socket Layer)" certified by Cybertrust in order to surely protect privacy of customers online.

Personal information in customers’ preparing membership registration, survey responses, and survey forms is encrypted by SSL, and the information is exchanged under a perfect security system.

June 30, 2016 (Established)

Toru Sasaki, Representative Executive Officer, CEO
Macromill, Inc.